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#VRTA #Guards #Venerdì - 21th March 2024

In every household, there is artificial intelligence that helps us prepare lunch, keep the house clean, welcome guests, fix objects, and keep us company.

All of this thanks to the new flagship product, "Venerdì" produced by the company "VRTA". Scientists create and train Venerdì every day with the aim of introducing them into the market to serve society.

VRTA is famous for being a high-risk activity, which is why qualified individuals are needed to contain the problems arising from Venerdì; these individuals are the "Guards."

Over time, the Guards forcibly acquire more power to have technology at their disposal without rules. The Guards take control of Venerdì by retraining them and turning them into a military weapon for their own purposes.

Scientists cannot waste their work and risk nullifying the ethical use of AI, so they must bring AI back into service for humanity and distance it from the Guards.

It will be a tough battle, but will you, together with the Scientists, succeed in restoring order to the chaos? If you want to join, you're just a click away from the Download.

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Trainable Venerdì

#Scientist #Trainable #AI - 21th March 2024

You will find yourself facing a city in danger, perhaps the entire humanity. The guards are taking control of everything, seeking only power. Restoring order is a challenging situation for scientists; human forces alone are not enough to counter the guards, but technological assistance is necessary.

At VRTA, Venerdì are trained using a laser tool with a yellow beam that reprograms the artificial brain of the robots. With this tool, you can teach Venerdì to walk, run, jump, smile, stay close or far away. In short, Venerdì can be trained to do everything, even laundry. The scientist must befriend Venerdì technology to best counter the Guards.

Each Venerdì becomes unique because each Venerdì has different training and interacts with the environment and the scientist based on the training received. This AI is unlike any you've ever encountered. It's not programmed but trained, neurons and synapses at your service, imagine all you can do with the surrounding environment.

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#info - 21th March 2024

Every 2 week an update with more Maps, Mechanics, Weapons... bug fixes! Keep update on our socials!

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